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With your presentation open, from the Design tab, in the Themes gallery, select the desired theme. When you customize a theme, changes are implemented on all slides. Customizing a theme allows you to format fonts, backgrounds, formatting effects, and colors to make your presentation meet your creative needs.

The following directions show how to quickly alter your theme with presets. Options can be previewed by hovering over selections in each pull-down list. To have even more control over your design theme, you can also manually create your theme presets for colors, fonts, and backgrounds.

From the Design tab, in the Themes group, on the Themes gallery select a theme. By building a color palette manually, you can have complete control over how your presentation is colored. This can be useful if, for example, you are working for a university and want to use that university’s colors. To change any of the listed color elements, from the pull-down gallery buttons , select an element color NOTE: The Sample section displays a dynamic image that is representative of the different elements of a slide.

When you buy through our links, we may get a commission. The ambitious, ground-up rebuild of Microsoft Office Standard presents drastically different interfaces and new file formats.

The new Office looks so unlike its predecessors, it’s likely to spark intense love-hate responses from users. This upgrade isn’t for everyone: If you’re patient, eager to try the latest tools, and willing to relearn most of what you already know about Office, then you may relish the challenge of Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint can produce more-polished documents and presentations, and Outlook’s new scheduling abilities make it a handier communications hub.

Professionals who want to impress clients and co-workers with attractive reports, charts, and slide shows will find this a worthy upgrade. First-time Office users may have an easier time than veteran users getting their bearings. However, if you only use a small fraction of what Office offers or you felt that getting the hang of Office was painful enough, then you might want to leave Office on the shelf or try it free for two months first.

We imagine that power users who have mastered the nooks and crannies of the older versions will curse the steep learning curve. But take heed: The new era of Office affects even those who don’t upgrade, and a conversion tool is needed to let older Office versions open Office ‘s default, Open XML files. Office does offer complex features that you can’t yet find elsewhere.

However, it also falls short in key areas. Integration among the applications isn’t as thorough as we’d hoped, and there’s no one-click way to collaborate with others on an edit without buying Microsoft’s Groove online collaboration tool or working within a server setting. The advent of Office comes as a growing number of competing tools are simpler, cost less if they aren’t free , and handle the same core features.

Oddly, despite its bevy of Windows Live and Office Live services, Microsoft chose not to build a bridge to the Web for all Office users. This suite includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook in addition to Office Tools that manage language settings and pictures and include a diagnostics tool for use in the event of a crash.

The Basic package, with Word, Excel, and Outlook, only comes pre-installed on computers sold by manufacturers that have Microsoft software licensing agreements. And oddly both the Enterprise and Professional Plus editions lack the Business Contact Manager component of Outlook, which corporate users might want for their marketing efforts. Setup Breezing through the options, our fastest installation of Microsoft Office Standard took no more than 20 minutes on a Windows XP computer.

However, settle into your chair if you’re curious about the fine print. We spent 40 minutes just skimming the 10,word End User License Agreement and stopped before we could understand it all. Here are some of the highlights: You’re allowed to install Office software on two computers; you must agree to download updates whenever Microsoft decides you need them; and Microsoft may verify your license key at any time to make sure that you’re not using pirated software.

We wished that Microsoft better explained the Internet-based services Office can connect to. When we chose to Customize the installation on another PC, the process was more involved. It’s too bad that while this process lets you handpick which items to install, it doesn’t explain what you’ll miss if you reject, say, Office Tools. And while Microsoft displays your available hard drive space as well as how much of that is needed by your selected set of applications, there’s no indication of the size of each individual application and you’re left to your subtraction skills here.

In the end, we installed everything available. From that point on, loading the Office suite onto our hard drive took 15 minutes flat. Office Standard is smaller than its predecessors, at about 3GB.

Unlike the Windows Vista operating system , the new Office does not demand the newest hardware. However, of course, this rules out those still using older versions of Windows. Although the terms of the EULA were less than transparent, we were pleased that Microsoft offered the least intrusive installation settings by default. For example, Privacy Options leaves it up to users to hook up to online Help automatically, as well as to download a file that continually tracks system problems.

No Office shortcuts appeared on our desktop or in our system tray, either. The Office Shortcut Bar–a feature that disappeared in the version–is back, located within the Office Tools menu. Interface Once you open each Office application, you’ll see a radically different, blue interface that’s brighter than in the past. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint arrange features within a tabbed Ribbon toolbar that largely replaces the gray drop-down menus and dialog boxes from a quarter-century of Office software.

The Office logo menu, docked in the upper left corner, bundles many commands from the old File and Edit menus. Outlook lacks the logo button and adopts the Ribbon only within its message composition and scheduling windows. There’s a core set of always-on tabs, as well as contextual tabs that hide until the software detects that you need them. For instance, the Picture Tools Format tab only shows up when you click on an image. We were stumped at first about how to format images, tables, and charts until we got used to clicking on them first.

The Office programs, which share a new graphics engine, strongly emphasize ways to decorate documents. Pull-down Style Galleries let you preview how new fonts, color themes, chart styles, images and such appear before you apply the change. This is great for selecting from menus of fonts or page templates. At the same time, however, the “intelligent” shape-shifting may bewilder those who don’t realize that they must click a style to apply a formatting change.

In most cases, the preformatted styles only present colors within the same range already used by your document. This comprehensive process allows us to set a status for any downloadable file as follows:. We have scanned the file and URLs associated with this software program in more than 50 of the world’s leading antivirus services; no possible threat has been detected. Based on our scan system, we have determined that these flags are possibly false positives.

It means a benign program is wrongfully flagged as malicious due to an overly broad detection signature or algorithm used in an antivirus program. We fixed an issue where using High Contrast mode for extended periods of time would cause Outlook to close unexpectedly. We fixed an issue to support backward compatibility with older versions of Excel. We fixed an issue where hyperlinks including digits would be broken when composing a message in Outlook in a right-to-left language.

Suggested Replies in Outlook for Windows: When you receive an email message that can be answered by a short response, Outlook can suggest three responses you can use to reply with just a couple of clicks. Turn on the preview for faster and more reliable updates to shared calendars. In this bug, specific policies weren’t being honored by Office a group of templates were being shown on the Home Page when they should have been disabled.

With this fix, the policies are being honored. Corrected an issue where the font would change unexpectedly when using a multiplication or divide sign with a Japanese font.

We now continue to use the same font if it supports the character. We fixed an issue that caused some PivotTable formatting to corrupt the workbook when saving to the. We fixed an issue that caused users to be unable to look up a contact group with Check Names when composing mail.

We fixed an issue where opening a file protected with a Microsoft Purview Information Protection label can hang indefinitely if the user is not signed in to an identity that has access to the MIP protected label. The user is forced to cancel the open to show the sign-in prompt, and the open only succeeds after that point.

We fixed an issue when using Dictation in the new Word Commenting, the Dictation button in the Comment card now correctly toggles on and off. Fixed an issue where there was no space being inserted between words when users dictated into their document. We fixed an issue when posting multi-line comments typed in RTL caused the 2nd and onward lines to be aligned to the left instead of the right.

We fixed an issue where spell check switched between two different spelling correction context menus. Fixed an issue where task splits may be wrongly created when saving a project from Project web app to a local file. This would happen if a task calendar with non-standard working times was being used. Fixed an issue where if the indicator column is not in the first column spot, when you cut a summary task you aren’t warned that the subtasks will also be removed.

Fixed an issue where if a user selected the Add Yourself to a Task function on their Timesheet, the correctly resource availability units may not be used on the created assignment. Fixed an issue where Project may close unexpectedly if you are running JAWS and go to the task information dialog.

We fixed an issue where pressing Enter with certain keyboards on Android would add a new line rather than moving to the next cell. Fixes issue where certain charts using discontinuous ranges of cells would not load when files are re-opened. Fixes an issue where Excel would fail to launch or crash unexpectedly if certain Windows Security exploit protection settings SimExec, CallerCheck are in use.

This fixes an issue that prevented real-time typing and presence from being restored after loosing internet connectivity for a period of time. Fixed an issue when editing commenting post with mention. Update so that decimal and thousands separators settings carryover when copying a chart from Excel and pasting into Word.

Fixed an issue where Excel would close unexpectedly when opening UNC files that have invalid file attributes creation time, modified time, etc.

We fixed an issue that caused users to be unable to specify how long they wanted to allow access for when starting a mail merge from Word, resulting in them getting excess prompts. We fixed an issue that caused a Outlook to close unexpectedly for users of Redemption based Add-ins.

We fixed an issue that caused the start time of some calendar items to change unexpectedly when the event is copied from another appointment. Fixed an issue where Excel would incorrectly show a message bar that a new version of the file is available and force the user to save their changes in a copy of the workbook or discard their changes. We have fixed an issue where font size command, added in QAT, auto completes to the nearest defined font size while updating it.

Fixed an issue where editing in languages that require use of IME would behave poorly when editing in overwrite mode. Fixed an issue where Excel would close unexpectedly when copying and pasting data in formula view.

Fixed an issue where specific projects could be opened if there was an issue with the project file in a specific part of load. Fixed an issue where some corrupt PowerPoint files were not opening correctly, even after a document repair operation. We fixed an issue where you couldn’t delete dependencies on the deliverables if the SharePoint site the deliverable was associated with no longer existed. We fixed an issue where users open projects which have supposedly been saved with updated information, but find the updates are is missing.

We fixed an issue where a mailbox owner wasn’t able to manage Shared permission for their own Calendar as the option was greyed out. We fixed an issue where saving email templates as. OFT changed Chinese characters to question marks. Addressed an issue which caused Outlook to stop working sporadically when adding or saving attachments. We fixed an issue where the scroll bar in the slide starts adjusting itself after stopping screen recording with selection pane opened.

Fixed an issue where when you save a project from PWA to a local mpp file, the ProjectBeforeTaskChangeEvent fires for data that wasn’t actually changed by the user. Fixed an issue where resource engagements searched for a resource by name instead of GUID which would cause issues if there were multiple resources with the same name. We fixed an issue where some users were seeing the “system resource exceeded” error when they tried to export a query from their synced OneDrive folder.

We fixed an issue in Track Changes which sometimes opening Word document might display error dialog. We fixed an issue where users were unable to delete appointments in Calendar of Microsoft Groups in Basic Auth. We have fixed an issue where Protected view of slide show, shown by pptsx file, allows screen capture of IRM protected document. We fixed an issue where zooming in and out from the presentation area resulted in a gap between the zoomed selection marquee and the mouse pointer.

We fixed an issue where quick print for image attachments resulted in error, “Windows can’t find this picture. Check the location, and then try again”. Fixes an issue that caused some users to see Outlook to start in an Offline state until they manually chose to work online. Fixed an issue where if you have a task list in a project site and group the task list, you will not be able to quick edit the task list.

Fixed an issue where if you update an enterprise resource via CSOM, resource max units may be lost. Addresses an issue that caused automatically generated emails to be sent with a blank body when the subject is blank.

When a user copy-and-pastes an email address into the recipient field with the display name, the email address wasn’t always parsed correctly and caused a warning about an invalid email address to appear.

It’s been fixed so the name and email address are parsed correctly so the warning is no longer shown. We fixed an issue where online shared folders did not return parent folder name. Instead of failing, it returned an empty path which incorrectly went to the primary account. We fixed an issue where track changes turned on after reopening draft from read-only preview pane. We fixed an issue to provide a user a way to customize justification text when overriding a policy. We fixed an issue that If you are on the last slide and if you swipe to the next slide after pressing ‘End Session’ and before the summary shows up, the End-Session dialog is visible on the summary page as well.

Fixed an issue where Project may crash if you apply a group by to the Resource Usage or Sheet view and then insert a column. Fixed an issue where the ConsolidateProjects VBA method may file if you try to add the same project multiple times and have AttachToSources set to false. Fixed an issue where if you have eventing code running and try to make changes through a Task Form view, clicking the OK button may not commit the changes.

Save time while composing messages: Outlook shows you writing suggestions that help you compose messages quickly. To accept the suggestion, just use the Tab key. We fixed an issue where adding to a table used for Data Validation did not update options for all sheets in the workbook. We fixed an issue where OneNote didn’t honor High Contrast colors in the canvas for custom themes.

We fixed an issue when you hover over green color in notebook color selector, the pop up reads “red chalk”. Proofread your messages with Editor: You can now get grammar and other style suggestions in your emails for Outlook bit users. Break the language barrier with a built-in translator: Add-ins for translation aren’t required anymore!

In a message, right-click to translate specific words, phrases, or the whole message. Fixed an issue with 2D Map Charts where using VBA to set the colors for the max, mid, and min values for a series was not working. Fixed an issue when the Office language was set to Spanish, in which data validation lists may not show all the items in the list. Fixed an issue which could cause an error that “Excel ran out of resources while attempting to calculate one or more formulas”.

Fixed an issue where ChartSheet crashed in some cases when a formula is entered through formula bar. Pinning email: This feature helps users keep track of mails they need to go back to you or have as a reminder by keeping them at the top of the message list.

Receive email suggestions when searching by person: As you type your search terms in Outlook, you’ll receive the most relevant emails surfaced in the suggestions. Microsoft Editor gets an upgrade for Word and Outlook desktop clients: We are introducing a new click-to-review model for Editor’s spelling ,grammar and advanced style suggestions.

This change also includes a new dedicated card surface for reviewing the suggestions. We fixed an issue where any time a pivot chart with hidden leader lines was saved and reopened, the leader lines would become visible.

We fixed an issue where charts were not always updated as expected when ‘ForceFullCalculation’ was enabled via VBA for the workbook. Create polls in Outlook with Quick Poll: Easily create a poll, collect votes, and view results within an email Learn more. Auto-apply or recommend sensitivity labels: Office can recommend or automatically apply a sensitivity label based on the sensitive content detected. No need for a clicker: your earbuds have you covered: Use your Surface Earbuds to control your PowerPoint presentations.

Important: You must pair your Surface Earbuds in the Surface Audio app for Windows 10 in order to use gestures to control presentations. Instructions for getting started with the Surface Audio app on Windows 10 are available here. Better results—in a jiffy: We’ve updated the Search experience to make it smarter, faster, and more reliable than ever.

M Premium Content Picker: Bring your documents to life! Explore ‘s of royalty free stock images, icons and stickers Learn more. Keep your pictures high fidelity when sending them as part of an email: A new Outlook setting is available to limit picture compression when you send pictures as part of the email contents. Synchronize changes while you are presenting: Synchronize changes whenever they are made even when the presentation is in slide show mode.

Annotate your private copy: Create hand written notes for your eyes by making a private copy of a shared document. Fixed an issue where selecting a range of cells on a sheet would result in the selection of a single cell. Fixed an issue which could cause Excel to stop responding when reducing the size of a chart with some x-axis ranges.

Fixed an issue where inserting a user defined chart template as default would result in saving it as a column chart. Fixed an issue where Data labels on charts would display as blank when the underlying data cells did not have a caption. Addresses an issue that caused delegates to see different folder hierarchies on different machines for shared mailboxes.

Addresses an issue that caused users to experience a crash when attempting to view the properties of an Organizational Form. Addresses an issue that caused some reminders to fail to fire when changing the timezone on a machine. This change fixes an issue where the rendering of a legacy Excel chart embedded as an OLE object in PowerPoint or Word may not always display the chart title.

This change fixes an issue where finding special characters using ‘find whole words only’ did not always work as expected. This change fixes an issue that would cause the text in grouped shapes to disappear temporarily when using the Lasso selection tool. This change fixes an issue in two page view, when creating a comment, the comment anchor did not always come into view.

Fixed an issue where if a paragraph whose style is an ancestor of a style linked to a list, then the numbering of that list could be lost. Calendar visual refresh: Last year, we brought you a refreshed mail experience, and, this year, it is the calendar’s turn to get a facelift! The updates are fresh but familiar so, as a seasoned Outlook user, you can jump in and be more productive right away.

Help protect data in your group: The Sensitivity label you choose when creating a group is applied to group email, documents, and team sites. This change addresses delays when processing images with malformed or invalid protocol information.

Fixed an issue where if a user had a customized the search path for the Address book, Outlook’s name resolution scope would be limited to the customized path rather than including the Global Address List GAL. Fixed an issue where within a set of returned search results, sorting the results by Categories would not display the Category colors. For example, if you deleted a dependency and clicked OK on the form, the event did not fire.


Ms Powerpoint Templates Free Download (6) – TEMPLATES EXAMPLE – Want new features first?


When you switch to a different theme , the background styles are updated based on the new theme colors. The background style options for the Urban theme are different from the background style options for the Apex theme. The colors are different based on the theme colors. You can select Format Background from the menu to open a dialog box and make changes to the background color.

Use the Workshop presentation or any other PowerPoint presentation you choose to complete this challenge. PowerPoint Themes and Background Styles. A really simple and all-around PPT background for this powerpoint presentation template that you can use for any subject.

This pow Whatever your current work situation is, you certainly need at one time or another a template for a powerpoint presentation. And of course, it would be better if you can find these PPT templates for free. If you are a student in computer science, you will definitely have to prepare a visual work on a subject IT this year: we suggest you to look into technology and computers category, you may find a great theme to astonish your teachers.

If you are a sales manager in a large company, you will problablement to present at a meeting with your employees the key figures for sales, turnover or objectives for the coming months, all compiled into a PPT presentation: for this, powerpoint templates with pie, charts and bar graphs are perfect. Our current collection of free templates should allow you to create and make a presentation to the height of your content. If by any chance, no model currently offered suits you, please subscribe to our page to get our new free products when available.

Please remember to read our Terms of Use in order to protect copyrighted work. All presentation templates are compatible with Google slides.

Read this guide to know how. Free PowerPoint Templates. Full moon White cat Mobile phone with widescreen A light bulb on a blue background Spider descending from its web. A great combination that adds both character and weight to your content at the same time. Thesis is a an excellent choice for delivering convincing student presentations, but also effective with slide decks for conventions, product booths, and major business or office events.

This is the template to use if you want to draw your audience’s attention to the text and bullet points. The backdrop design and deep colour creates a powerful visual effect that easily helps to enhance your delivery. Need to be conservative and simple, yet unique and engaging at the same time? It ticks all the boxes: simple, clean, original and professional-looking. This PowerPoint template covers it all. Here is one ultimately stylish and modern design for building an unforgettable PowerPoint presentation.

This template features a radio wave design against an aristocratic solid green background. The overall effect is a simple, polished look that adds authority to your content and message.

Boost your academic and scientific presentations with this subtle and thematic template. Live Chat Static Animated. Personal Growth PowerPoint Template. Window World PowerPoint Template.

Medical Help PowerPoint Template Performance Structure PowerPoint Template. Forward Movement PowerPoint Template. Chess Glass PowerPoint Template. Success Way PowerPoint Template. Holiday Snow PowerPoint Template. Resolved my issue. Clear instructions. Easy to follow. No jargon. Pictures helped. Didn’t match my screen. Incorrect instructions.


Microsoft office powerpoint 2007 themes free free.Free Download free Microsoft PowerPoint themes

Use a PowerPoint template with backgrounds to start a new presentation. Newer versionsOffice Office To find a template with background images to. Download free PowerPoint themes and make your presentations look great. Choose from coordinated layouts, backgrounds, fonts and color schemes to help your.


Free PowerPoint Templates


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