The Board Meeting Process

It is vital that a board meeting run smoothly and that all issues are addressed. The following process for board meetings is a guide that helps to ensure that the meeting goes according to plan and ensures that all the crucial points are addressed.

The chair opens the meeting by welcoming any guests or new members, and discussing any formal or personal concerns. The board is introduced in a formal fashion and the officers are introduced.

The board is flooded with a lot of information during meetings, mostly in the form of committee reports and correspondence. Chairs should allow time to discuss this during the meeting. However, it is crucial that this does not detract from discussions of more urgent issues.

After the board has reviewed the past performance, its successes and obstacles, it will then proceed to the future strategies. This will include coming up with ideas that will help the company grow and grow in different departments, as well as increase its market share. The board will then consider on the best method to implement these strategies and develop actions items for the management team to follow so.

The board typically discusses any new business that has been submitted to the meeting by board members or the executive management. The board will also look at old issues that have not been resolved. The chair will then ask the meeting to end.

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