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You can then use Netcat with command prompt cmd. Start the command prompt as follows:. To start the program file nc. If the nc. The switchover looks like this in the command line:. Netcat requires advanced access rights for a number of operations.

In Windows 10, the command prompt can be launched in just a few steps with administrator rights:. Using Netcat involves certain security risks. For this reason, the tool should only be used by experienced users and system administrators — especially in the mode with advanced access rights.

The base command addresses the program file nc. Depending on the operating system and Netcat version used, the possibilities vary. The following table only covers the main options available in most versions for Linux, macOS, and Windows. Netcat also continues to operate in listen mode after client-side connection terminations consistently with the same parameters; only supported by the Windows version. Telnet mode enables server contact via Telnet ; requires a special compilation of Netcat, otherwise the option is not available.

For instance, if you want to define a server or a client in the network for data transmission, the following syntax applies:. A frequently used feature of Netcat is copying files. Even large quantities of data can be sent and individual partitions or entire hard drives cloned.

In our example, the testfile. The success of the transfer is not confirmed in the command prompt. You can see whether the transfer worked by checking in the destination folder. In order to detect any errors and security issues , you can run a scan and identify open ports.

In the following example, the computer has the IP address After the IP address, individual ports e. In the example below, the recipient is first installed on the remote system and set to listening mode.

They can be reached at the IP address A connection is then established by the local computer sending PC with the message recipient using the following command:. If the connection is successfully established, messages can be sent in both directions. Netcat can also be used to set up a simple web server. Netcat waits for requests sent to port 85 and responds with the file failuremessage. Undoubtedly, Netcat can be used universally in networks and performs many helpful tasks here.

But there is also a downside: Netcat is a hacking tool used for spying on networks, seeking out vulnerabilities, circumventing fire walls, and exploiting backdoors for taking over computers. Anyone who gains unrestricted access to the cmd. Additional malware can also be loaded via a backdoor shell. To avoid hacked versions, Netcat should only be downloaded from safe sources on the internet.

Security experts also advise careful consideration on whether a tool like Netcat is even needed in the installation scope of systems particularly frontend systems. Another security risk: Netcat generally transmits data in clear text without encryption. For this reason, the tool should only be used in networks that are very well protected or — even better — cut off from the internet. For data transfers on the internet, the Netcat successor Cryptcat is better suited since it encrypts the data.

Moreover, connections can be tunneled via SSH when transmitting security-relevant data. The advantages and potential risks clearly show that Netcat is a tool which well-versed users, system administrators, and IT managers should carefully consider. Those who understand the advantages can benefit from the versatility and efficiency of the remote administration tool.

And those who can suitably assess the dangers for the security of their own network, can take preventive measures to stop hacking attacks — or at least contain the damage.

However, the tool is now rather outdated — having emerged in hacking circles over 20 years ago. Better tools exist for a range of network activities. Besides Cryptcat, Socat is worth mentioning. It also runs on all common platforms like Netcat. But Netcat continues to enjoy special status as a streamlined and rapidly deployable all-rounder with simple command syntax.

In combination with the administration tool Netsh, for example, many more options can be used for efficient network diagnostics and management. Various computer networks are connected with one another via the Internet. In order to build up such connections, both the sending as well as the receiving systems have to provide transfer interfaces, or ports. The command line program netstat allows you to find out which ports are opened by your own system and which active connections exist — all of this helps reduce the risk of undesired access Netsh is a versatile command line tool for administrating networks on Windows.

Get to know the Netsh commands and find out how to administrate Windows networks comfortably, and efficiently via Windows command prompt. It enables direct communication with websites via the Windows command prompt window without having to use an FTP client or browser. Could not load tags. A tag already exists with the provided branch name. Many Git commands accept both tag and branch names, so creating this branch may cause unexpected behavior.

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Launching Visual Studio Code Your codespace will open once ready. Latest commit. Add files via upload. Git stats 1 commit. Failed to load latest commit information. Jan 23, View code. It has proved to be an extremely versatile tool on the unix platform. I bet many NT admins out there keep a unix box around to use tools such as Netcat or to test their systems with the unix version of an NT vulnerability exploit.

With Netcat for NT part of that feeling disempowerment is over. Included with this release is Hobbit’s original description of the powers of Netcat. In this document I will briefly describe some of the things an NT admin might want to do and know about with Netcat on NT. For more detailed technical information please read hobbit. With Netcat you get to see the full HTTP header so you can see which web server a particular site is running.

Since NT has a rather anemic command processor, some of the things that are easy in unix may be a bit more clunky in NT. For the web page example first create a file get. The -v is for verbose. It tells you a little info about the connection when it starts. It is a bit easier to just open the connection and then type at the console to do the same thing. You will see the same thing as above. A far more exciting thing to do is to get a quick shell going on a remote machine by using the -l or “listen” option and the -e or “execute” option.

You run Netcat listening on particular port for a connection. When a connection is made, Netcat executes the program of your choice and connects the stdin and stdout of the program to the network connection. When it gets connected to by a client it will spawn a shell cmd. The -t option tells Netcat to handle any telnet negotiation the client might expect.

This will allow you to telnet to the machine you have Netcat listening on and get a cmd. You could just as well use Netcat instead of telnet: nc xxx. There is no authentication on the listening side so be a bit careful here. The shell is running with the permissions of the process that started Netcat so be very careful. If you were to use the AT program to schedule Netcat to run listening on a port with the -e cmd.



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