Microsoft windows server 2012 r2 standard price in india free download

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Microsoft windows server 2012 r2 standard price in india free download

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In addition, this guide is for informational purposes and does not supersede or replace any documentation covering Windows Server R2 licensing. It lets you optimize performance for your most important workloads and helps protect against service outages with robust recovery options. It reduces complexity and cost with comprehensive automation plus storage and networking virtualization solutions based on industry-standard hardware. It lets you build, run, and scale applications that can move between your datacenter and the cloud, and it allows you to provide your users with flexible remote access from virtually anywhere and any device while helping protect corporate information.

Edition Overview The Windows Server R2 product is streamlined and simple, making it easy for customers to choose the edition that is right for their needs. Datacenter edition for highly virtualized private cloud environments. Standard edition for non-virtualized or lightly virtualized environments.

Essentials edition for small businesses with up to 25 users running on servers with up to two processors. Foundation edition for small businesses with up to 15 users running on single processor servers. Two processors For specific pricing, contact your Microsoft reseller. Microsoft does not determine pricing or payment terms for licenses acquired through resellers. See the Product Terms for details. Foundation editions provide: A server-based licensing model: Foundation is for single processor servers and Essentials is for either one or two processor servers.

CALs not required for access: Foundation comes with 15 user accounts and Essentials comes with 25 user accounts.

Some additional or advanced functionality will continue to require the purchase of an additive CAL. Standard edition for lightly or non-virtualized environments.

Essentials edition for small businesses with up to 25 users, running on servers with up to two processors. Foundation edition for small businesses with up to 15 users buying single processor servers from OEMs. Renewing Software Assurance is the best way to protect investments while gaining access to new versions, technical assistance, and Deployment Planning Services. Find out how flexible payments can help you get the IT you need and stay on budget.

Visit www. Here is a list of just a few of the benefits that you can receive with Software Assurance for Windows Server: New Version Rights: Upgrade each product license covered by active Software Assurance to the most recent version when available. Planning Services: Get in-depth planning assistance from qualified Microsoft partners or Microsoft Services to help evaluate and create a structured plan to deploy Microsoft solutions.

Step-up Licenses: Customers with active Software Assurance can migrate from a lower- to higher-level edition of certain products for example, from Windows Server R2 Standard to Windows Server R2 Datacenter at a low cost.

In addition, unlimited email support is available for non-critical problems. Enterprise Source Licensing Program: Access Microsoft Windows source code for internal development and support purposes when you have Software Assurance coverage for 10, or more licensed desktop PCs in the systems pool.

Disaster Recovery Rights For each instance of eligible server software you run in a physical or virtual OSE on a licensed server, you may temporarily run a backup instance in a physical or virtual OSE on either a servers dedicated to disaster recovery and to your use, or b for instances of eligible software other than Windows Server, on Microsoft Azure Services, provided the backup instance is managed by Azure Site Recovery to Azure.

The license terms for the software and the following limitations apply to your use of the backup instance. The backup instance can run only during the following exception periods: For brief periods of disaster recovery testing within one week every 90 days. During a disaster, while the production server being recovered is down. Around the time of a disaster, for a brief period, to assist in the transfer between the primary production server and the disaster recovery server. In order to use the software under disaster recovery rights, you must comply with the following terms: The OSE on the disaster recovery server must not be running at any other times except as above.

The OSE on the disaster recovery server may not be in the same cluster as the production server. Other than backup instances running on Microsoft Azure Services, a Windows Server license is not required for the disaster recovery server if the Hyper-V role within Windows Server is used to replicate virtual OSEs from the production server at a primary site to a disaster recovery server.

Run disaster recovery workloads as described above. The disaster recovery server may not be used as a production server. Use of the software backup instance should comply with the license terms for the software. After the disaster recovery process is complete and the production server is recovered, the backup instance must not be running at any other times except those times allowed here. Your right to run the backup instances ends when your Software Assurance coverage ends.

Your specific Software Assurance benefit eligibility can vary by Commercial Licensing program such as an Enterprise Agreement or Open Value Agreement and product, as well as the number of qualifying licenses you have enrolled in Software Assurance. You must acquire Software Assurance within 90 days of your purchase see the Product Terms for details. These technologies include: The Volume Activation Services server role: Volume Activation Services is a server role in Windows Server or later editions that enables you to automate and simplify the issuance and management of Microsoft software volume licenses for a variety of scenarios and environments.

With KMS, IT pros can complete activations on their local network, eliminating the need for individual computers to connect to Microsoft for product activation. KMS does not require a dedicated system, and it can be cohosted on a system that provides other services. By default, volume editions of Windows 8 or later editions and Windows Server or later editions connect to a system that hosts the KMS service to request activation.

No action is required from the user. Active Directory-based Activation: Active Directory-based Activation is a role service that allows you to use Active Directory Domain Services AD DS to store activation objects, which can further simplify the task of maintaining volume activation services for a network.

With Active Directory-based Activation, no additional host server is needed, and activation requests are processed during computer startup. Any computers running Windows 8 or later editions and Windows Server or later editions with a Generic Volume License Key GVLK that are connected to the domain will activate automatically and transparently. They will stay activated as long as they remain members of the domain and maintain periodic contact with a domain controller.

Activation takes place after the licensing service starts. When this service starts, the computer running Windows 8 or later editions and Windows Server or later editions RD contacts AD DS automatically, receives the activation object, and activates without user intervention.

Review this TechNet article for further details. Windows Server R2 Standard and Datacenter editions will continue to have the same licensing model as Windows Server Standard and Datacenter editions.

A single license covers up to two physical processors. These include two editions: Standard and Datacenter. Single licenses that cover up to two physical processors. Editions differentiated by virtualization rights only two for Standard; unlimited for Datacenter. Client Access Licenses [CALs] will continue to be required for access to Windows Server R2 servers and management access licenses continue to be required for endpoints being managed by System Center.

Here are just a few examples: Enterprise-class virtual machine density, performance, and mobility with best-in-class performance and scale for Microsoft workloads High-performance file-based storage on cost-effective, industry-standard hardware with inbox storage virtualization and tiering Highly available, in-box hybrid networking for bridging physical and virtual networks in a multi-tenant environment and across premises Protection and recovery of assets for all your workloads with simple and affordable disaster recovery options Flexible remote access to corporate resources from virtually anywhere and on any device while helping protect corporate information 5.

How do I determine which Windows Server R2 edition is right for me? Because there is feature parity between Windows Server R2 Standard and Datacenter editions, your decision will be based on your virtualization strategy; virtualization rights are the only differentiator between editions. If your strategy calls for a highly virtualized environment, Datacenter edition will provide you with optimum flexibility because it allows for unlimited virtualization.

This edition allows you the elasticity to add and move virtual OSEs across Datacenter licensed servers without needing to track the virtual OSE count on that server. If you do not plan on a highly virtualized environment, Commercial Licensing reference guide for Windows Server R2 May 10 Standard edition is the right product for your needs.

If you purchase Standard edition today but find you need to expand the virtualization capacity of your licensed server, you can do one of the following: 1. Purchase additional Standard edition licenses and assign them to the same physical server giving you the rights to run additional instances of Windows Server. The server must have the appropriate number of licenses assigned to it to ensure coverage of all of the virtual OSEs that are running at any given time.

Purchase a Software Assurance Step-up license to Datacenter edition, changing the license to a higher edition that allows unlimited virtual OSEs. To use this benefit, your underlying license must have Software Assurance.

With the Windows Server R2 Standard edition licensing model, you can grow your virtualization environment by either buying a step-up license to Datacenter edition if you have Software Assurance, or by simply buying additional Standard edition licenses and assigning them to the same physical server.

For example, if you have a two-processor server and want to run a total of four VOSEs, you can purchase two Standard edition licenses and assign them to the same server. Additional examples are shown in the following table.

The number of licenses you will need depends on the number of physical processors on the server and the number of server instances that you will be running. The larger of these two numbers determines the number of total licenses required. First, determine the number of physical processor licenses: Each license covers up to two physical processors, so to determine the number of licenses needed to fully license a physical server, just count the number of physical processors in the server and divide that number by two.

This tells you the number of licenses that you will need. Note: The number of cores on the physical processor is irrelevant. You will need one license to cover a two-processor server. You will need two licenses to cover a four-processor server. You will need four licenses to cover an eight-processor server. Second, determine the number of virtual instances running: You can either count the number of VOSEs that are running and determine the number of Standard edition licenses one license covers up to two VOSEs , or you can purchase Datacenter, which enables unlimited VOSEs on the server.

To determine the number of Windows Server Standard edition licenses you need, count the total number of total VOSEs that you will run on the server; divide that number by two, and round up to the nearest whole number. Remember that the server must have the appropriate number of licenses assigned to it to ensure coverage of all of the virtual OSEs that are running at any given time For example, if you are running three virtual machines VOSEs on a two-processor server, you will require two licenses to cover the three virtual machines.

If you assign two Standard edition licenses to a single server, you will be able to run a total of four VOSEs on that server. If you add additional Standard edition licenses to that server, the number of allowed VOSEs on that particular server will increase by two for a total of six VOSEs on that server. Can I use one Standard license to cover a one-processor server? The Standard edition license will allow you to license up to two physical processors on a single server; however, it does not require the server to have two physical processors.

Can I split my Windows Server R2 license across multiple servers? Each license can be assigned only to a single physical server. Can I assign a Windows Server R2 license to a virtual machine? A license is assigned to the physical server. Each license will cover up to two physical processors.

After assigning the license s to a physical server, you now have the rights to use the VOSE on that server. Can I mix Datacenter and Standard licenses on the same server? All of the processors on a given server must be licensed with the same version and edition. You can run different editions or older versions of Windows Server software as guests within VOSEs, but you are not allowed to assign multiple licenses of different versions or editions to the same physical server to license the processors on the server.

If I want to use the software from an earlier Windows Server version or edition, what are my options? If you have Windows Server R2 Datacenter edition, you have the right to downgrade software bits to any prior version or lower edition.



Microsoft windows server 2012 r2 standard price in india free download


Archived Forums. Windows Server Setup. Sign in to vote. Wednesday, February 28, PM. You can get it here assuming you have a retail key. In general, you can obtain installation medium physical media or.

Best Regards, Eve Wang Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help. Thursday, March 1, AM. Hi, How things are going there on this issue? Please let me know if you would like further assistance. Wednesday, March 7, PM. Hi, Is there any update? Choose another country or region to see content specific to your location and shop online. About Contact us Faq’s. Windows Windows Windows 10 Windows 8. Cloud Services Business Enterprise.

Other Software QuickBooks. Morten K. Mrs Catherine Wilson. Rizal Raslip. You need your employees to be able to access their files, their apps, and their communications from anywhere and everywhere so they can work most comfortably. Microsoft Windows Server R2 Standard provides for that with excellent remote access options that accommodate any and every type of remote work and schedule. A more natural way to save, sync, and share your documents : The best way to keep documents secure and the easiest way to keep them up to date for access and sharing is through the new Work Folders.

These files will then automatically sync with the device, so they are always updated to the latest version. This server has a lot of significant upgrades in Hyper-V virtualization. Most importantly, it halves the time it takes to deploy virtual machines, allowing you to deploy virtual solutions much more efficiently. Virtual machines also receive the deduplication treatment, allowing for much better data compression. Show Buying Options. What people are saying about us. Windows Server R2 offers exciting features and enhancements across virtualization, storage, networking, virtual desktop infrastructure, access and information protection, and more.

Windows Server R2 offers, enterprise-class virtualization and cloud platform that can scale to continuously run your largest workloads while enabling robust recovery options to protect against service outages. Storage and networking are the walls that help support your virtualization infrastructure. Then, on top of everything, you get management and automation. Windows Server R2 builds upon the improvements added earlier in Hyper-V on Windows Server , and adds new features and functionality delivering greater gains in performance, availability, and agility.

Simple and cost-effective Windows Server R2 also gives you resilient, multi-tenant-aware storage and networking capabilities for a wide range of workloads. Maximizing the performance and efficiency of storage while helping to reduce costs was a major goal of Windows Server , and the numerous new features and capabilities introduced in that platform now provide enterprises with new ways of squeezing the most out of shrinking IT budgets when it comes to storage.

Improved network diagnostics Windows Server R2 includes new features in Windows PowerShell that can help you troubleshoot network connection problems when they occur.

Active Directory Active Directory is the core identity and access control technology used for the IT infrastructure of most businesses today. Application focused Windows Server Windows Server R2 helps you build, deploy and scale applications and websites quickly, and with more flexibility than ever before. User-centric With Windows Server R2, you can manage identities across your datacenter and federated into the cloud, provide flexible remote access to applications and resources, and define the resources and level of access users have to information based on who they are, what they are accessing, and what device they are using.

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Microsoft windows server 2012 r2 standard price in india free download.Windows Server 2012 R2

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